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MSB Educational Institute participated in the WIMUN conference held in Geneva with a delegation of 21 students. Naqiyah Saifee, from the team was one of the 10 speakers in the conference. She gave her plenary speech in the General Assembly hall, expounding on the critical UNDP goal of Zero Hunger.

The World Federation of the United Nations Association (WFUNA) International Model United Nations Conference (WIMUN) is an exact replica and simulation of UN conferences. Held in Geneva this year, the conference is ground zero for 500 students from around the world, taking on the actual UN agenda for the year. The WIMUN conference features intensive training workshops taught by UN officials, briefings on important agenda items by UN Agencies, and conference sessions.

Umaima Fakhri a class 10 student from MSB Bangalore who participated in the event this year said, ‘Model United Nations not only teaches us the problems faced by the world, but also how to solve them by giving equal importance to every human being. WIMUN gave me situations where I had to make decisions not based on what the majority wanted but which left everyone satisfied. I learned that every opinion has equal importance. I learned that a leader is not someone who knows the problem and forms a solution to keep the majority happy, but one which keeps everyone happy.’

Amatullah Kachwala, another participant from class 10 had this to say, ‘at the WIMUN conference, you sit with people of different ideologies and different cultures. They all strive to solve the same problems and suddenly you become a part of the bigger picture and that is what WIMUN is about. Learning from different people, absorbing new cultures and being a part of the bigger world.’

Following the assembly, the students highlighted Dawoodi Bohra traditions and culture during the Global Experience program. They demonstrated to visitors the manner in which Bohras consume food and how these traditions instill a deep respect for the bounties of Allah, inspiring the community to strive for zero waste and zero hunger.