Written by: Mariya Zoeb

As she reached the town center, Zainab called out to Sakina, ‘Chalo chalo, time thai gayo’ (let’s go, it’s time). Excited, they made their way to Fatema’s house where peals of laughter and chatter came through the windows. Both women stepped into the house and were readily engulfed in the warm camaraderie. Far from an average women’s club, this gathering is the stage for some of the most productive time of the day.

More than ten women had gathered and were crouched over their hooks and needles, each loop creating a work of art that took the form of a ‘pretty-in-pink doll’, or a cuddly sheep, or a flamboyant wall hanging. More importantly, no matter what they made, they surely created a moment of joy. These ‘Happy Threads’ gatherings gave them all an immense satisfaction of having made something that would make others happy. For Zainab, she enjoyed most the ‘me time’ it offered. She could finally not only indulge a hobby she enjoyed but also contribute to both the family’s well being and her self esteem.

Henri Matisse once said, ‘creativity takes courage.’ But what if the courageous don’t have the platform or the right resources to give flight to their desires? Not only would their creativity dwindle, but society too would miss out on the experience. With this thought in mind, Happy Threads was born to create opportunities for artists to showcase their talent on a larger platform. The organisation was conceived around three years ago to serve the dual purpose of trading and empowering – this business model is not only profitable but also philanthropic.

Happy Threads empowers supermoms to showcase latent talents and skills.* They work with enthusiasm to overcome their economic disparity and brighten the world with innovative designs. Apart from being driven, they are experts in their fields. From weaving to crocheting, our supermoms do it all.

People who admire the beauty of handcrafted products understand that they are one of a kind. Each stitch sewn, each button tacked, each knot tied and each thread woven has a story to tell. A story of inspiration and joy that connects art with human life.

It would not be wrong to say that art forms such as crocheting, sewing, weaving and knitting are going through hard times. However, they are an integral part of the Bohra culture and a source of income for many. To do justice to the craft and creators, we have set our minds to revolutionising these art forms and give our products the modern touch they need to survive and thrive in the contemporary world. Our craftswomen can incorporate traditional art in practical ways you could never imagine, and that is what sets us apart. A galleria of inspiring pieces, reflecting traditional Indian art with a touch of novelty.

*Why supermoms? Moms universally are the unchallenged holders of superpowers. They convert hapless rooms to homes, bawling babies to respected adults and vegetables to tasty edibles. So just calling them moms would have been enough. Yet, Happy Threads rightly credits its artists with the cape, because sometimes being a mom or homemaker can mask the other talents that a woman possesses. The supermoms at Happy Threads are special because they have nurtured and nourished their skill to be the best in their expression of art, even in the midst of their routine domesticity. They are supermoms, because they continue to update themselves and excel at their craft in addition to doing everything else that moms do.