Members of the alumni body posing for a group picture with respected guests
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The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Surat City, Dr Jagdish Patel and Mr Nirav Shah along with Professors from SP Pune University attended a book launch and commendation event conducted in the Auditorium of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Surat by members of the alumni body.

Concluding a period of research spanning several months, members from the Aljamea alumni body put forward 14 innovative management techniques which were compiled into a publication titled ‘A Book on Management Techniques’. The techniques, grouped into sevens are known as: ‘The 7 C’s of Effective Management’ and ‘The 7 dimensions of entrepreneurship development.’ They draw from formal instruction as well as experience garnered over the years in various aspects of community service and explore implementation in both community specific as well as universal contexts.

Upon completion of the book, the alumni were invited by SP Pune University to author research papers under the guidance of Dnyansagar Institute of Management and Research (DIMR) on 13 different topics. These were then published in various UGC listed management journals.

Speaking at the commendation event, Dr Sajid Alvi, Professor Iftikhar Khan and motivational speaker Mr Anand Munshi applauded the efforts of the group. They also shared their insight and expertise touching upon wide ranging topics from data analysis and artificial intelligence to agrarian management and a customer centric approach to commerce.

The alumni were then presented with certificates of commendation followed by a ceremonial launch of their publications which were made available to the students and faculty members of Aljamea as well as the broader community.