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This year during the holy month of Ramadan, community centres in Los Angeles, Chicago and Tampa rolled out a five year environmental responsibility and sustainability plan aimed at eliminating all single use disposable products by the year 2025. The initiative is in keeping with the broader community’s stand against all forms of waste and environmentally harmful practices.

Community centres in LA, Chicago and Tampa implemented the first phase of their five year plan by eliminating the use of styrofoam and laminated paper cups which tend not to be biodegradable and are seldom recycled.

During the month of Ramadan, tea, coffee and other beverages are typically served across all community centres at the time of breaking fast. Community centres in LA, Chicago and Tampa used to serve these beverages in styrofoam and laminated paper cups leading to the use of more than 70,000 such cups throughout Ramadan.

As part of the going green initiative, these community centres resolved to give community members reusable, food grade, stainless steel vacuum flasks which they could carry with them and keep using for years to come, thereby effectively reducing the need for single use cups.

In the years to come, more green practices will be implemented in the day to day functioning of the community centres with the aim of inspiring each family to adopt the same practices in their homes and places of work.