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In keeping with the spirit of Ramadan, which exhorts Muslims to be sensitive and compassionate towards those who go hungry, community members in Calgary organised a dinner for the homeless in collaboration with The Mustard Seed Homeless Shelter. It is one of many locations that helps improve the quality of life for those living on the streets. The location services about 350 homeless persons belonging to different casts and culture who come in everyday for meals, supplies, medicine and rest.

The Calgary Bohra community sponsored and prepared a dinner for the 350 guests of Mustard Seed on a Saturday night for the second year in a row. A team comprising primarily of female community members worked diligently for three hours to prepare a meal which consisted of traditional dishes including: Kadai Chicken, Vegetable Makhani, Naan Bread, Salad and Rasmalai. A  separate team of volunteers then took over for the dinner service.