To celebrate World Sparrow Day, Burhani Foundation India distributed bird feeders to those residing near Mithi River and Versova Beach. The activity was done in partnership with Adv Afroz Shah as a way of supplementing the ongoing ‘Turning the Tide’ initiative with a more diverse and comprehensive approach to conservation and environmental responsibility. Community members and school children also participated in the event.

The initiative is inspired by the teachings of Islam and various Prophetic traditions which instruct Muslims to be mindful not only of the environment in which they live, but consider and care for the various creatures which inhabit it as well.

During the 100th birthday celebrations of His late Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, Burhani Foundation India set a world record by distributing 52,000 bird feeders in an attempt to save the Sparrow. The current activity aims to take the initiative further and create much needed awareness about the steadily decreasing number of sparrows the world over.

This event complements and comes on the heels of another initiative by Burhani Foundation India known as the BFI Reforestation and Environmental Study Drive which aims to resuscitate once thriving ecosystems such as Rajmachi and restore them to their former state.