Teachers and administrative staff from Dawoodi Bohra educational institutes around the world attended the 3 day GESS Dubai Educational Fair, which aims to foster dialogue and a creative exchange of ideas on how best to cater to the educational needs of the modern generation.

Tasneem Marasiawala, Head of Section at Badri High School, became the first community member to speak at the event this year. She spoke on ‘The How and Why of Getting them on Stage.’

Owing to the Prophetic tradition with establishes the acquisition of knowledge as an obligation upon every Muslim man and woman, the Bohra community strives ardently for the cause of education. The community’s educational institutes constantly work to achieve a well balanced and effective synthesis between the requisites of traditional as well as modern educational practices.

GESS is a platform where academicians, researchers and educational stakeholders from the Middle East, Asia and European region come together to share ideas as well as products which may enrich the overall learning experience.