The Hindu

At a time when a large number of micro, small and medium enterprises either invest a lot in streamlining their work or are overwhelmed by the workflow, a city-based startup has rolled out a smartphone application recently to simplify the processes right from proposal to invoicing.

Co-founders Mohammed Sabuwala and Ammar Kanchwala say that OneDigiFlow app can be used on-the-go. ‘Many micro, small and medium businesses and vendors do not have the resources and struggle with ideas in connection with the business workflow. Human-driven tools can create a bottleneck. We were providing ad-hoc solutions for a few years to such vendors, but after a closer look, we thought why not have a single interface service or product delivery product for such businesses,’ Mr Sabuwala, who has a rich experience working in IT, banking firms and digital startups in Singapore, says. The app allows users to record numbers, business proposals, sales goals, open deals, approved and rejected estimates, project deliverables, and raised and pending invoices.

‘The idea is not to compartmentalise, but generalise the workflow for all businesses. The uniqueness of OneDigiFlow is that one can manage operations using this single app. Even a class X student can use it and is designed for those who are on field as well,’ Mr. Sabuwala says. Touching upon the revenue model he says, ‘the app is free of charge for all users and our source of revenue is through our professional services arm in the space of Digital & Business Transformation and also through our printing business

According to the founders, there is no dearth of technology in tier-I cities. But, in other tier-II and III, there is a lot of room for providing such solutions. The company behind OneDigiFlow, OneBizStore Technologies Private Limited, therefore intends to take the app to such cities.

‘We are targeting tier-III cities and aiming at a ₹100-crore revenue in the next five years,’ says Mr. Kanchwala, who is a digital marketing consultant.