In light of the recent government shutdown and its effects on furloughed federal workers, the Bohras of New Jersey reached out to members of the United States Coast Guard Training Centre in Cape May on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. They provided medicines, infant supplements, formula, diapers and other essential items which were requested by the centre.

The prophet Mohammed SAW states: ‘All Creation is a family dependent on the Almighty. The Most beloved of all Creation to Him, therefore, is the one who benefits His family the most.’

Inspired by this tradition, community members from East Brunswick, chose to stands in solidarity with the Cape May Coast Guard considering, the U.S. Coast Guard members are the only military personnel working without pay during this partial government shutdown.

Dr Martin Luther King famously proclaimed, ‘We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.’ Bolstered by the philanthropic teachings of Islam and the realisation that those who dedicate their lives to ensure the safety of others must not, in good conscience be neglected, Bohra community members chose to honor Dr. King’s legacy by gathering essential supplies to offer the troops as an expression of gratitude for their service.