Members of London Jamaat opened the doors to the community centre and Masjid to local residents and organisations last Sunday afternoon, 16th December 2018. A newly formed ladies group appropriately named: ‘Ladies of London,’ organised a Meet and Greet event for neighbours in an effort to cultivate new relationships. This group of ladies visited over 150 homes local to the Masjid to hand deliver invitations and a small savoury gift (samosas). In addition personal invitations were given to the local church, school, police department and fire brigade.

Guests on tour of the complex

As guests walked into the complex they were directed inside and asked to sign in. Each guest was then given a welcome drink and taken to explore an exhibition which brought to life different aspects of the international and local Dawoodi Bohra community. Topics displayed included: A profile of His Holiness TUS, local community outreach, London Jamaat organisations, social upliftment efforts (SBUT), and the community kitchen.

In addition to fruitful conversation about the community, each guest was taken on a tour of the Masjid. The tour guides highlighted the practical uses of the Masjid along with the vast history of the land.

A full lunch of traditional food was served in a buffet style with Indian chai presented at the end of the meal. In between food, tours and exploring the exhibition, guests were welcomed to sit with a Mehndi artist and have have their hands decorated with beautiful and ornate henna patterns. There was also a skilled calligrapher who wrote names in Arabic calligraphy for guests to take home as a souvenir.

Traditional lunch served in a buffet setting
Enjoying a hot cup of chai after lunch

The guests were grateful for the hospitality they received from members of the London jamaat and one guest said: ‘Thank you once again for being such a wonderfully warm and welcoming community.’

The Ladies of London