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Renowned Artist Wajid Khan Inaugurates Art Exhibition in Udaipur

A three day art fest tilted ‘Alwan a Unique Art Exhibition,’ organised by Saifee School Udaipur, was inaugurated by the great Indian artist, portraitist, sculptor, inventor and patent holder Mr Wajid Khan who is named in the Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records and Asia Book of Records.

Artists showcased their creativity through miniature paintings, glass paintings, charcoal paintings, mound paintings, sketches, digital art, fluid art, modern art and photography. The exhibition was inspired by themes and motifs from the ʿAshara Mubāraka sermons delivered by His Holiness in Indore this year.

Among the themes explored were various locations of historic significance in the Yemen, mountains, forts, forests, gardens, flowers, wells and animals. These were depicted through various mediums by the students of Saifee school, Madrasa Taiyyebiya, as well as community members residing in Udaipur.

On the first of the three day event, Mr Khan interacted with the young artists who were mostly beginners, advising them and sharing his valuable insight while motivating and inspiring them to take their talents further. He then conducted an interactive brainstorming session with members of the school staff.

A host of invitees including parents, students from other schools as well as artists from local galleries came out to support the exhibition and contributed to making it a success.

The second and third day of the event saw a motivational workshop by Mr Wajid Khan for Parents and Students of Saifee School Udaipur titled ‘How to enhance your child’s creativity.’

It began with an inspiring video of Mr Khan and his exclusive artistic creations with nails, auto parts, and other waste materials.

The workshop progressed with interesting questions from the audience which allowed Mr Khan to touch on a wide array of topics, from his choice of materials to his inspiration as well as his favourite themes, colours and mediums of expression.

The event concluded with a presentation of certificates to the young participants.