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Today the world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet one in every nine people don’t get enough food to live a healthy life. An estimated 821 million people suffer from chronic hunger. About 60 percent of these are women. Thousands of Dawoodi Bohra children and youngsters from all parts of the world have come out to engage in various activities for World Food Day on October 16.

This year’s commemoration, themed ‘Our Actions are our Future,’ is focused on youth and educators. Pupils from community schools and volunteers from Dana and FMB committees spanning over 50 cities have organised awareness walks, conducted seminars and initiated poster competitions to create awareness about global hunger and food wastage.

Special food banks have also been set up at various locations to collect non-perishable food items from donors which are being distributed to the needy with help from local NGOs. This worldwide initiative is conducted under the ‘Project Rise’ umbrella which is dedicated to helping underprivileged children and families by providing them with access to adequate nourishment, healthcare and hygiene along with other opportunities that lead to a better quality of life. Yusuf Mukarram of Project Rise shared, “It is very pleasing to see so many students and volunteers taking the lead and coming forward to join the global cause of fighting hunger. We strongly believe that a hunger free world is possible if we unite our efforts every single day.”

Students participating in food collection and distribution

In Mumbai more than 18 schools and community centres collected tons of food items which will be given to hungry families with the help of local NGOs. A walkathon was also organised today by students of MSB Education Institute to convey the message of Zero Hunger.

Up in arms against hunger and waste in the awareness walkathon

The pivotal role of food in the life of all human beings needs no enumeration. Islam places great emphasis of feeding the hungry just as it does on making sure that not even a single morsel of food goes to waste, all the more so as it has the capability to alleviate the hunger of another. The Holy Quran and other scripture are replete with narratives on the importance of feeding the hungry. The Prophet Mohammed SAW decreed ‘there is no deed superior to feeding the hungry.’