A member of Vasai FMB delivering relief meals

13 July, 2018, Vasai, India.

The Monsoon rains in India are a much anticipated respite from the sweltering hot summer that precedes them but ever so often the downpours leave city streets flooded and inaccessible.

Following a particularly intense period of rains on and before the 13th of July, which left the streets of Vasai completely flooded, the local FMB team set out to provide relief food packages to those worst affected by the flooding.

Carrying packets of hot food in crates on a makeshift floating platform, the dedicated FMB members waded in waist deep waters and went door-to-door delivering relief meals to residents of Vasai that were in need.

Similar relief efforts have been carried out by many FMB teams in various parts of the world during times of crisis. They are a manifestation of the humanity and altruism at the heart of the Dawoodi Bohra FMB initiative.