The BohraConnect app, now available on Google Play Store
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A group of young Dawoodi Bohra entrepreneurs, under the guidance of the community’s business advisory department al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah, have designed an app called Bohra Connect. It is a collaborative effort with, an initiative of Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah to build an online global business community for Dawoodi Bohras.

The app is now available on the Google Play Store, and intended for use by Dawoodi Bohra community members.

Community members can list products, jobs and services on the app as well as rentals from anywhere in the world and instantly gain access to interested consumers globally. Ideal for both buyers and sellers the app strives to increase the reach of even the smallest businesses and provide a platform where community members can safely transact with one another on a global level.

When asked what brought about the idea for the app, one of the three founders, Mohammed Sabuwala, said, “Bohras have been conducting online businesses on a multitude of platforms for quite a while, but those efforts have been predominantly singular and not too efficient. Community members make use of social media platforms such as whatsapp, facebook and Instagram to advertise their products and services and so we thought to consolidate that into a streamlined app designed by Bohras for Bohras which would allow members not just to advertise but to list and make transactions all in one place.”

The app allows community members to:

Buy and sell products.

Manage jobs- where employers can list vacancies and prospective job hunters can apply for those jobs. The entire process is expedited by one touch job applications.

List accommodations- whether members are traveling for business, pleasure or religious gatherings, houses and rooms can easily be listed, viewed and booked.

Request services – members can post their service requirements such as catering or event planning and have the relevant parties respond with quotations and other relevant details.

Huzaifa Alotwala, another founder added, “We made the app exclusively for Bohras because there are certain products and services which are exclusive to Bohras and when listed on external platforms do not manage to get the traction needed. An apt example is people wanting to rent out their properties during major community gatherings and events that see thousands of community members throng to a particular town or city, and are in search of a host of other services and products as well. Our app becomes a one stop shop for all requirements during those events and throughout the year.’

“In an age of technological advancement where everything is available to everyone at the touch of a button, we thought to dedicate a platform for the Bohra community so that members could support and help each other in growing their businesses,” said Ammar Kanchwala the third co-founder. ‘Our app makes it easy for the global Bohra community to become one big happy business family.’