Daana (grain) Committee members at work after the iftaar dinner in Rajula, Gujarat

16 June, 2018, Mumbai

Rhea Mistry, The Hindu

Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, the spiritual head of the Dawoodi Bohra community emphasised the need to avoid wastage of food. The Syedna was addressing nearly 2,000 dana committee members, a group of volunteers who gather leftover food from events, in Mumbai ahead of Eid.

“His Holiness has always been instrumental in the implementation of this initiative and meeting the members is a way of encouraging them to work harder towards ensuring prevention of food wastage and providing healthy and nutritious food” said Al-Azhar Noorudin, senior executive of Faiz al-Mawaid al-Burhaniyah (FMB) that overlooks the dana committee. “We have partnered with many NGOs world-over. If the leftovers cannot be distributed to the needy, it is fed to animals or composted. This way, nothing goes waste,” he added. The dana committee volunteers, including youngsters and children, go to every individual and ask them to finish whatever they take on the plate creating a gradual consciousness.

“The smile that we see on the faces of the needy when they get the food is the most satisfying,” said Ahmed Lokhanwala, a 19-year-old member from Rajasthan.

“Meeting Syedna was one of the biggest moments of my life. His words inspire us and I will continue working for this cause. I hope that every community takes up such an initiative,” he added.

He is one of the 6,000 volunteers of the committee spread across 40 countries in the world. Mumbai has 822 volunteers at present.