Community members greet Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Eid Day

The Economic Times.

Dawoodi Bohra, a Shiite sub sect, stands out due to their culture and food habits. The community dining concept, centered around the thaal (a large steel plate) with seven members or more sharing a meal from it, has drawn the fancy of many. As the Dawoodi Bohras gear up for Eid celebrations (Bohra community will observe the festival today), we bring to you a few insights on it.

- The cuisine, per se, bears influences from Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Gujarat, a result of the communityfs le ..

- This business community believes in taking everything with a pinch of salt, literally. Their meals begin with a pinch of salt, which is offered in a small palm sized bowl.

- The meal goes dessert first. It is believed that eating the sweet meal first enables the flow of digestive secretions.

- The idea behind the thaal was to bring people from all strata of society together so that they could mingle over meals.

- It is believed that thaal aids in curbing wastage of food. It is mandatory to finish everything taken on the plate. Great isn’t!

15 June 2018

Udaipur Times.

Mansoor Orawala.

The auspicious occasion of Eid ul-Fitr was celebrated in Udaipur city with enthusiasm and harmony. The Dawoodi Bohra Muslims Community observed prayers, greeted each other and enjoyed the festival to its fullest.

Thousands of devotees gathered at Rasoolpura Masjid, Mohiyadpura Masjid, Vajihpura Masjid at Boharwadi and other area like Chamanpura Masjid, Kharol Colony Masjid, Pula, Khanjipeer, Mulla Talai, Neemuch Kheda across the city to attend the Eid prayers followed by Khutba. Prayers for love, peace, harmony and success for the country and citizens filled the air.

15 June 2018

The Hitavada.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited Idgah near Saifia College in State capital on Thursday and greeted Bohra community members on Eid. Bohra community members kept fast (roza) for the whole month of Ramzan and then celebrated the festival of Eid with traditional fervour. Praising the brotherhood and unity in the Bohra community, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that no one is small or big in the Bohras. The whole community becomes united to take forward the weaker members of the community.

Expressing joy, the members of the community said that the Chief Minister’s visit doubled the joy of their Eid. Chief Minister Chouhan greeted everyone on Eid and prayed for prosperity and progress of everyone. Janab Aamil Saheb and Bohra community members were also present on the occasion. Bohra community from all districts, including Bhopal, offered special namaz on Eid on Thursday. The special namaz was followed by exchange of greetings in the traditional manner and prayed for peace and prosperity along with mutual brotherhood in the State and country.