Invitees to the iftar dinner being shown a presentation about the community's heritage and history
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9 June 2018, Bradford, UK

Anjuman-e-Jamali hosted an iftaar program during the Holy month of Ramadan at Adam Masjid. The invitees included:

Rt Hon Imran Husain Member of Parliament

The Right worshipful Lord Mayor Zaffar Ali

Imam Moula Ismail Noor ul Islam Mosque

Rt Rev Dr Toby Howarth,

Bishop Of Bradford.

Maharaj Dipakbhai Trivadi

Shree Prajapti Association Bradford

Rev Father James Callaghan

Our Lady of Lourdes & St Williams Church

Rudi Leavor BEM

Bradford Reform Synagogue

Councillor Shakeela Lal

Councillor Nazam Azam

The guests were first addressed by Mehlam BS Zainuddin, with a key note focusing on the history, heritage and philosophy of the Dawoodi Bohra community along with present day initiatives such as His Holiness’ wish to see at least one person who has memorised the entire Quran by heart in each and every Bohra household across the world. The community’s strong adherence to the concept of love for one’s country and striving for peace and harmony were also highlighted.

The audience was then spoken to by Shadow Minister of State for Justice, the Rt Honourable Imran Hussain MP who described the Dawoodi Bohra community as a ‘rose in a bouquet of flowers’.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford then spoke about the good work done by the Dawoodi Bohra Community.

Following on from the Presentation and Speeches the guests were invited to visit a special exhibition. The exhibition was aimed at giving an overview of the Dawoodi Bohra community locally and internationally. It focussed on sections as stated below:

1. The heritage and origin of the Bohra community around the world.

2. The history and structural overview of Adam Masjid Bradford.

3. Education: An overview was given of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah and other community run educational institutes that adopt the educational philosophy of pursuing all forms and disciplines of knowledge without bias or discrimination.

4. The importance of the Holy Quran for all community members. In particular, teaching facilities such as Mahad al-Zahra set up around the world with the aim to encourage memorisation of the holy quran.

5. The upliftment projects. The social initiatives covered areas of qardhan hasanah, health awareness programmes (Diabetes, cancer awareness and virtual clinics) and finally Faiz al-Mawaid al-Burhaniya (FMB).

6. Contributions of His Holiness and the Dawoodi Bohra community in promoting peace and harmony worldwide.

Below are some of the comments shared by guests after their visit.


Hope you are well.

We were very inspired with your set up and your community’s outreach programmes.

Your hospitality was beyond our expectations.

We would also like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for such a wonderful programme.

May Allah grant you the best reward of both worlds.’

‘Best iftari of the month with Dawoodi Bohra community in Bradford.’

‘I tend not to go out for iftari events but tonight attended a very special iftari at Anjuman-e-Jamali – Dawoodi Bohra Community! I was amazed and impressed with the whole set up, organisation, hospitality and mouth watering food. Excellent performance by children!’

‘A fantastic evening representing many faiths and representatives of the community including Imran Hussain MP, Councillor Nazam Azam, Manoj Joshi, Qazi Ishtiaq Ahmed, Bishop of Bradford and representatives from Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh community. Well done to the Bohra community! Although a very small community but very affluent, professional and welcoming.’

‘Thank you to you and your fabulous community for hosting a lovely event yesterday evening. We all were really impressed and enjoyed the evening.’