Staff of the Mustard Seed with Bohra members

12 May 2018, Calgary, Canada

Calgary cooked and served a festive meal for homeless residents at Mustard Seed Saturday.

Anjuman-e-Vajihi Calgary in concert with Faizul Mawaaidul Burhaniyah served over 300 guests and staff with two teams allocated to managing the event.

FMB ladies and gents prepared and cooked the meals while the second team was responsible for serving the food amongst the respected guests. The large number of vounteers who turned up made light of this difficult task.

Mustard Seed staff members took great delight in the Bohra ladies’ ridas and the topis of the men which they would have come across for the first time.

The meal included the traditional Indian dish of butter chicken and there was an air of expectation among the residents once they saw it written on the menu board.

Guests were greeted with a welcoming smile and many came back with praise for the tastiness of what had been served.

Staff were extremely grateful and gave words of prayer and blessing.

Calgary jamaat are extremely grateful for the chance to offer this humble service within the community and look forward to more such opportunities to do so.