MSB students explore the world
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Fifty-three MSB students from around the world embarked on a fourteen day educational trip this summer. From Egypt to Europe, students had the opportunity to explore and learn about diverse places and appreciate the culture and attractions of a variety of countries.

The group began their educational journey from Rʾas al-Husain in Cairo and thereafter toured the Fatimi masjids along with other monuments of architectural and historic significance in the city such as the pyramids of Giza and the Nilometer.

From these ancient monuments the students came to the medieval and natural beauties of the Netherlands. The Keukenhof gardens in Amsterdam spurred an outpouring of creative prose and poetry. Being in one of the largest flower gardens in the world inspired the students to recite and compose verses on the theme of flora and fauna and organically made them more sensitive to the conservation of nature. Many onlookers appreciated the rida worn by the female students and likened it to the flowers of the garden in its vibrancy and colour. Students also visited a chocolate factory where they indulged their sweet tooth while engaging their curiosities about the age old practice of chocolate making.

From the old world charms of Amsterdam the group moved on to the 21st century marvels of the Euro Space Centre in Belgium for an out of this world experience. From spacecraft simulations, to learning about the effects of zero gravity on the human body and how astronauts survive in outer space, the students were fascinated by the complexities of space travel and the dedication of the people who make it all happen.

The students made their own impression on the Space Centre staff. Katherine, one of the directors of the Space Centre relayed that the kitchen staff had noted the zero food wastage practice adopted by the students. She compared this to the space centre’s own zero waste policy on food pointing out how the true value of food is realised by those who travel in space and have fixed rations to survive on.

The tour ended in Paris, where the highlight of the trip was a visit to Disneyland, but before the students could have this cherry on the top, they had to work their way through the entire cake. They visited many of the renowned attractions in the city such as the Eiffel Tower and its famous museums and in the process, picked up bits and pieces of the French language as well.

In keeping with the educational philosophy at MSB, students are encouraged to adopt a holistic world-view and imbibe all things that are beneficial to their intellectual, spiritual and moral growth. They are taught that the spheres of science and religion are not mutually exclusive and that a well rounded education results in a well rounded individual. One of the most important purposes of these trips is to foster that outlook in every student.