Keen fashion designer Ms Shaina Nana Chudasama views artwork at the Radiant Arts show

16 March, 2018

By Reema Gehi, Mumbai Mirror

Samina Sachak from Tanzania, Maryam Daud from Canada and Burhan N from Pune are all Dawoodi Bohras. But there is another thing they have in common – they are all painters, and their works will be on display until March 22 at the Favre Leuba gallery, in Fort.

The opening of the show took place on Thursday, with the inauguration performed by Ms Shaina NC, BJP Spokesperson and was attended by several art patrons, including Adil Gandhy and Sabira Merchant. Curator and art historian Dr Arshiya Lokhandwala shared that she was delighted that several members from the community were following in the footsteps of Tyeb Mehta, the most-celebrated Dawoodi Bohra artist.

Over 75 paintings by 53 Dawoodi Bohra artists, from countries as varied as United States and Sweden, are on display at the show, which has been organised by Radiant Arts, an international Dawoodi Bohra fine arts platform. The exhibition is themed around flora and fauna and how they represent the universal concepts of harmony, balance, contentment, growth and life. “We’ve got artists who are as young as 18 years old and as old as 75,” said Joheratussharaf Attarwala, chief coordinator of Radiant Arts. The show is the second such congregation of Dawoodi Bohra artists from across the world. The first major exhibition was held last year in Nairobi.

Attarwala said that the organisers received an overwhelming response when the call went out for entries across the diaspora. “But eventually we could select only 53 artists, and gallerists Shireen Gandhy and Priya Jhaveri helped us select the works,” she said. “The objective of the platform is to provide an opportunity for both budding and established artists to utilise their talents, and, perhaps, help them make it an economic avenue.”

Horses seem to be a favourite with most artists who have displayed their works at the show. Sachak, 49, is a self-taught artist who has painted the animal both on canvas and copper. “I specialise in painting wildlife and horses to me signify beauty and force,” she said. Mariyam Daud’s white horse has been inspired by Rumi’s poems. “I took several tutorials on YouTube, as well as a short course in London to master my strokes,” said the 32-year-old. Daud has also created a few paintings of roses. “It’s the result of the 30-day challenge on Instagram. I painted roses every day for 30 days and started ‘#30dayroses’ and got other people to join in,” she said.

Like Sachak and Daud, Punekar Burhanuddin Nagarwala, too, is into painting horses. “To me, horses are the purest souls,” said the 28-yearold. “I didn’t know there were so many artists in my community. This is the best opportunity for us to realise our potential.”

Updated on 17 March 2018

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Updated on 19 March 2018