“Most of us cannot afford to pay the medical costs involved, so their visit here is a relief to many,” said Ms Elizabeth Lemunge one of the over a 1000 patients seen during the ‘Project Good Health’ medical camp in Arusha, Tanzania.

Ms Lemunge was one of the patients who was in need of treatment in India following serious eye problems that required surgery.

“It was too expensive for me, I couldn’t raise the fare, not to mention treatment costs. This was a God-sent gift,” she said.

‘Project Good Health’ took place in Arusha on the 15th and 16th of April 2016. It was Saifee Hospital Mumbai’s 2nd overseas free specialty medical camp following an earlier one in Zambia. The aim of these speciality medical camps is to provide world class medical care for patients for whom it would otherwise be out of reach.

Over 2 days at least a 1000 patients were treated including many critical care patients. Patients included those that had journeyed from Arusha, Dar-e-Salaam, Moshi as well as Nairobi (Kenya).

The surgeries were carried out at Totalcare Medical Centre at Themi Hill.

Project chairman, Mr Abuzar Zakir stated that the free camps will now be held twice a year in Tanzania. Local coordinator for the camp, Mr Husain Khanbhai of the Arusha based Hakimia pharmacy stated, “We have hatched the initiative of providing essential medical services to the people of Tanzania free of charge, twice a year.”

The medics also took time to give talks to the local people warning them about self-inflicted ailments such as diabetes. Many diseases, previously uncommon in Tanzania, are the result of changing lifestyles.

The Mayor for Arusha, Mr Kalist Lazaro, advised local doctors to borrow a leaf from the Mumbai Hospital by themselves organizing free medical services to people in rural areas where many cannot afford treatment or even the fare to a town where health centres are located.

Medical & Administration Team from Saifee Hospital:

1 Abuzar Sk. Nuruddin Zakir – Trustee & Jt. Secretary and Project Chairman
2 Dr. Mahmood Husein – Eye Surgeon
3 Dr.  Kamruddin Ezzy – ENT Surgeon
4 Dr. Arun Doshi – Nephrologist
5 Dr. Shabbir Chamdawala – Paediatrician
6 Dr. Parveen Rushnaiwala – Gynaecologistr
7 Dr. Shabbir Suterwala – Orthopaedics
8 Dr. Mustafa Khokhawala – Nephrologist
9 Dr. Pradyuman Oak – Neurologist
10 Dr. Yusuf Bagasrawala – Orthopaedics
11 Dr. Altamash Shaikh – Endocrinologist
12 Dr. Vashishth Maniar – Oncologist

The camp was organized with the support of local businesses and the hospitality of African Tulips Resort.