MSB & Madrasah Nooraniyah students rally against tobacco in Rajkot

29th March, 2017Tobacco has been the scourge of societies across the world, devastating lives and families and burdening health and public services. Whether in the developed world or the developing world – tobacco makes no distinction between rich and poor or educated or not – if you are in its tentacles then there can sometimes seem to be no way out.

In India the primary form of tobacco addiction is the chewing tobacco which is taken not only alone but also in paan and a mix known as guthka. In a recent sermon in Jamnagar – on the occasion of the death anniversary of Syedna Ismail BadruddinRA (34th al-da`i al-mutlaq; d: 23rd Jamad al-Aakhar) – Syedna SaifuddinTUSre-emphasised the need to eschew any and all forms of narcotics.

Inspired, MSB Rajkot and Madrasah Nooraniyah held a series of educational awareness events on tobacco and also took to the streets in an anti-tobacco rally. Powerpoint presentations, charts outlining the harmful effects of tobacco and ways to beat the habit were created and shown within the school to children and to parents. Doctors were on hand to give expert advice and a group of younger children enacted a small play on the subject.

The rally took place one morning with the children carrying placards through the streets to warn of the harmful effects of tobacco to the general public.