Minister Iqbal in the Karachi Jamea library

12 September 2017, Karachi, Pakistan, Business Recorder

Pakistan Interior Minister Mr Ahsan Iqbal accepted a longstanding invitation to visit the Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah campus in Karachi. He toured the campus and met with and addressed students and faculty of the institute which is the academy’s second campus inaugurated in 1983.

Impressed by the facilities and standard of education Mr Iqbal said he wished he had been able to visit it much earlier. Noting that Prophet MohammedSA had made seeking education obligatory on Muslim men and women he urged the students to seize the opportunity they had been afforded in this institute to which only a fraction of applicants were admitted.

He also told them of the need to employ rationality and logic in all spheres of life and an emphasis on education for success in the modern world. The minister was especially moved when he heard of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’sTUS desire that every Muslim household should have at least one hafiz (one who has committed the entire Quran to memory). Mr Iqbal said that these huffaz (pl. of hafiz) can become beacons of guidance and that all the students should strive for excellence; not settle for mediocrity.

Mr Iqbal also noted the balance between tradition and modernity that the institute’s education seeks to preserve and foster. In the library he was shown one of the 51st da’i, Dr Syedna Taher Saifuddin’sRA, Rasaa’il (treatise) in which the introductory pages were written entirely of Arabic words with letters without dots. More than half the Arabic alphabet consists of letters with dots making this an especially remarkable literary feat that the Minister was suitably impressed by.

In his entry in the Jamea guest book, Mr Iqbal wrote the following:

It was a great pleasure to visit Jamea Saifiyah, Karachi. I was deeply impressed by the dedication and commitment of the management, staff and students. I wish and pray for its success. Knowledge is key to success and quality institutions of learning like Al Jamea Saifiyah offer hope for our future. I wish success to the management and staff.

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