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Exordium Networks, Inc., participated in the Dawoodi Bohra Organization 5-day upliftment drive that focused on households in critical need of renovation work, expanding native plant growth by planting trees and plants, and looking into the overall welfare of individuals and small communities.

According to Dr. Mohammed Khurrum, President and CEO of Exordium Networks, “As a telecommunications and technology company having the privilege of working with Senior Living Communities, you hear that everyone has a story to tell about how they were able to succeed in life.  Most, if not all, of the stories have something to do with someone believing in them and giving them a chance.  So, sometimes an opportunity is just what is needed and that is what we strive to provide.”

On behalf of Exordium Networks, Dr. Mohammed Khurrum visited the small village of Chandrapur in India.  Exordium Networks had an opportunity to make a contribution towards local sustainable efforts.

During the visit, many families were moved from slums with open gutters into more hygienic living conditions.  Core competencies of individuals along with their skills were identified and discussed, and based on that business opportunities were created and implemented. One such project was with a local samosa vendor, earning 250 rupees ($3.67) a day who wanted to be able to reach more potential customers. Through the upliftment efforts, the samosa vendor was able to purchase a cart – with a burner and heat source – with which he was able to physically reach a wider market – hence increasing his daily income. Ten such families were identified that had the potential to double or triple their income source with some financial infusion. Financial Aid was given in the form of grants and loans that would then be used in further upliftment efforts in the community of Chandrapur, thereby creating a cycle of sustainability.

In Hyderabad, India, Exordium Networks Telemedicine Director Dr. Munira Vajihi, in an organized effort, visited households to identify medical cases where simple treatments could be done in homes, included preventative measures and self-checks for women, or in other instances made referrals and arrangements with those with more severe issues.  Dr. Vajihi gave educational seminars to local community women concerning women’s health issues and being proactive about care.

On the local level, in the greater Dallas area, Exordium Networks focused its efforts in supporting initiatives by young women – high school aged and young professionals – of the non-profit group Anjuman-e-Taheri, Plano.  Proposal and initiatives included a group of young women – Design Group – that focused on bringing hands on design and creativity project to Senior Living Communities.

According to Marketing and Communications Director Rashida Rasheed, “At Exordium Networks our focus has always been on offering complete technology solutions to Senior Living Communities.  We make site visits regularly and have the privilege of spending time with residents, but most often our focus in on the technology side. When we heard about the Design Group and their initiative to “bring happiness to seniors’ lives through creativity it seemed like a perfect fit.”

A dilapidated dwelling prior to restoration
De-cluttering has been a key feature of the upliftment program