MSB girls with their prize winning science project

MSB Mumbai Std 7 students participated in a research project competition. They had to frame a research question on a problem faced by Mumbaikars, collect data, analyse it and present a solution. Of 108 projects submitted 10 were selected from Maharashtra out of which 2 projects were from MSB Mumbai . The final presentation took place at museum and the project voted as most popular was the MSB project.

The following report is from the student edition of The Times of India

Milk has been adulterated to a great extent. Therefore, students of MSB Educational Institute conducted research to find out if there was a correlation between various types of packaging and the level of adulteration.

The school conducted a series of experiments to detect the various adulterants present in different types of packaging.

After extensive research, they were able to analyze the level of awareness in the public domain. They also used data from newspaper articles, took interviews and also conducted a survey. According to the survey, 75 percent of the consumers did not know what to do if milk was adulterated.

The school’s project will help people by making them aware about the ill effects of consuming adulterated milk and provide information on simple tests to detect adulterants in milk and choose proper packaging.