PM Manmohan Singh at the Saifee Hospital Inauguration

Prime Minister to our beloved homeland, revered to all – respected Manmohan Singh; it is your utmost grace to have accepted our invitation to honour this occasion.

Despite your many responsibilities you have given us your precious time, taking the trouble – in days of extreme heat – to travel here to personally perform the inauguration of Saifee Hospital.

You have given us joy that knows no bounds, lending our efforts support and encouragement and my heart spills over in gratitude. I don’t know how to convey these emotions and have no gift greater than heartfelt prayer. From the bottom of my heart I pray that you always remain content and all your wishes are fulfilled; may Allah give you the riches of good health, fitness and well-being.

May the country – under your auspices – progress; doubly fast during the day and four times as fast during the night. May you succeed in your efforts for the success and prosperity of the nation and may the people of the nation speed forth towards the peaks of triumph. May your dreams for the progress of the nation turn to reality. May Allah inspire in us the will to join hands with each other in creating a unified India; making constant efforts for the good of mankind and for peace.

For religion is not merely prayer and fasting; in truth, to foster both this world and the next is religion. Rasulallah (SA) has stated, Creation is Allah’s family and the most endeared to Him of Creation is he that is most of benefit to His family.

It is the noble fortune of this hospital that the name of my late, revered and holy father –Dr Taher Saifuddin – is associated with it. That its benefits and virtue spread out to all is my wish, the being of benefit to humanity is my crest and I pray that this hospital blossoms, flourishes, develops and ascends the loftiest of heights.

Our long history is testimony to the fact that we have never forsaken our beliefs and or faith – the faith that is to foster both this life and the next. This in spite of much persecution; to the extent that one of our Dais endured the penalty of death but did not disavow his faith and convictions. That Dai is buried in Ahmedabad.

Prior to this an Imam of ours, the grandson of the Prophet, most cherished of Fatematul Batul – Husain, son of Ali – chose martyrdom in Karbala for the sake of the faith.

Husain’s blood was shed beneath the blunt sword of the accursed Shimr but he did not forsake the faith of his grandfather the Prophet.

Respected guest Manmohanji – coincidentally this meeting with you takes place at a stage in my life where I have just recently reached 93 and my 94thbirth anniversary is being celebrated and this makes this a truly joyous speech.

On behalf of myself, on behalf of the Saifee Hospital Trust and on behalf of my community the Dawoodi Bohras I am grateful to all our guests from the bottom of my heart. I welcome you all, Ahlan wa sahlan, Marhaba! O’respected and noble guests!

And I pray.. Allah states, And when I fall ill He cures me.
Salawaat upon Mohammed and his descendents.
Clothe me in Thy well-being,
Exalt me with Thy well-being,
Protect me with Thy well-being,
Enrich me with Thy well-being,
Honour me with Thy well-being,
Bestow me with Thy well-being,
Bequeath me Thy well-being,
Lay down before me Thy well-being,
Make good for me Thy well-being,
And do not separate me and Thy well-being in this world or the next.
O’ Allah give to me in this world goodness and in the next goodness and safeguard me from the punishment of fire.
And our final prayer is that all praise is for Allah master of the universe.