Partapur students' Independence Day cycle rally

The 70th Independence Day celebrations in India on August 15 was marked by a variety of commemorative events in various places across the country.

One of the events that stood out was a cycle rally by students of the Taiyebiyah Senior Secondary English School in Partapur, a small town in the state of Rajasthan. 104 children took part in the rally on Independence day morning with 4 teams of riders, each espousing a different theme. The rally started from the school grounds and went through the streets of Partapur for a total of 6 km before terminating at the same place.

The riders set out to promote awareness on:

1. Saving the tiger

2. Clean and green India

3. Unity in diversity

4. Keeping away from drugs and other intoxicants.

After the rally had finished the best individual cycle decoration and the best overall house themes were awarded prizes at an event following the flag hoisting ceremony in the school grounds.