The word 'mighzal' in Arabic calligraphic script
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It has a couture style, sophisticated turn of phrase, stunning visuals and more than just a hint of humour – the new blogging site; created by an international group of young Bohra women had its official launch on the birth anniversary of His Holiness Dr Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA.

Its tag-line, ‘covered – not bound’ is both catchy and capturing – in three perfectly sewn together words ensconcing the ethos of the contemporary Bohra woman – traditional and observant of her Islamic roots but not restricted from modern life in any way by them.

The word mighzal means ‘spinning wheel’ – used to make yarn. Well the ladies of mighzal are certainly spinning some fascinating stories for their readers to peruse and ponder; some in pen and some in paint.

Mighzal is a display of the many talents its contributors have to show, photographic, artistic, literary –oh, and even the talent to turn a collection of ingredients into a recipe for disaster in the kitchen!

Have a look, have a read, have a laugh too – (men have permission too!).

Covered not bound – kayaking in a rida
Kitchen fails!