Shahzada Husain bhaisaheb Burhanuddin views an exhibit at Mumbai MSB
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MSB educational institutes take pupils from primary through to secondary level. Their uniqueness lies in their blend of worldly and religious subjects intended to prepare a pupil for career based vocational pursuits based on a sound religious foundation.

The aim is that a student imbibes the ethics and morals that religion imparts and becomes intent on not only being personally successful in educational endeavours and material terms but also determined to be a force for good in society and the betterment of his/her fellow citizens.

Thus, the institutes are currently holding business and leadership exhibitions in all 23 centres worldwide. These exhibitions are being conducted under the auspices of the ‘Tijarah Rabeha’ (gainful business) office, which has been established by Syedna Saifuddin TUS with a view to encourage entrepreneurship in the community in a manner that is consistent with the ethical business dealings that the Bohra community prides itself on.

In order to imbibe the principles of business ethics from a young age, these young boys and girls of MSB have been encouraged to take the lead in piecing this exhibition together. Students from standards 8-10 – 14-16 years – were selected as the conveners. It was left entirely up to them to decide how and what to display. There were mock-up shops, mini-plays, questionnaires, live interviews and talk shows amongst the many types of media used to convey the message of honest and ethical business.

Non-interest based trade and finance consistent with Islamic laws and especially – qardhan hasana (interest free loans) – was a central aspect of the exhibitions. Modern business practices, marketing, tax and accounting have also been covered.

These programs and exhibitions are on-going at different venues at different dates and are open to the public.