Surgery during the camp
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August/September 2016
A team of doctors from Saifee Hospital, Mumbai conducted medical camps in Madagascar this week starting with Antananarivo and Tulear.

Their one week tour began with Antananarivo on 31st August 2016 when more than 100 patients were seen. Thereafter they went to Tulear remaining there for the next 3 and a half days. The camp has been conducted in collaboration with a university hospital with over 1200 patient registrations for consultation. Endoscopic and general surgeries are amongst an array of medical services that the team is providing to the local populace.

The medical team is made up of the following doctors from Saifee Hospital:
1. Dr. Iqbal Bagasarawala
2. Dr. Alefiyah Bapai
3. Dr. Saifuddin Plumber
4. Dr. Taher Mithi
5. Dr. Kamruddin Ezzy
6. Dr. Shakir Kapadia
7. Dr. Shabbir Suterwala
8. Dr. Samir Bagasrawala

Huzaifa Shehabi.  CEO  Saifee Hospital