Leicester City Football Club’s remarkable triumph in this year’s English Premier League football championship was a triumph shared by one of England’s most ethnically diverse populations. People of almost every conceivable background were bound up in the achievement of a team that at the beginning of the season were tipped by most for relegation having survived by a whisker the season before. Leicester, a city in what is known as the Midlands of England, has a tightly knit but enthusiastic and committed local Bohra jamaat. Young and old alike come together for every kind of communal pursuit both religious and day to day. Football (or soccer) is undoubtedly one of their most ardent sports pursuits both with regular 5 and 11 a side play by the young and young at heart and of-course in following and supporting English teams.

But the Leicester triumph was one for everyone with the city in their heart and along with thousands of others the Bohra community were out in full blue colour and kit to congratulate the team heroes during their open top bus parade through the city.

Back at the community kitchen the sweet taste of victory was to be savoured in themed cup cakes and decorated Faizul Mawaaid tiffins.