A team furiously prepares a dish in 'Machochef'
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Colombo SEZ has worked harder every year to make their biggest annual project, the Milad Carnival, even grander and worthy of the celebrations it marks. The festivity was first held over 25 years ago to celebrate the Milad Mubarak (birthday) of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin SahebRA and the tradition now continues to celebrate the Milad of Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS as well.

This year, SEZ introduced new rides and activities including a large paddle boat pool and a greater variety of food and games stalls for entertainment. Mumineen and non-Bohra businesses have always shown their enthusiasm and support for this event.

The star attraction this year was the “Macho Masterchef” organized by Taalebaat il Mumenaat, which was a competition for male teams of budding chefs. Six teams of four participants each had to compete against each other in two rounds that allowed the gentlemen to show off their culinary acumen.

One team consisted of Moallimeen who brought their cooking experiences from their Jamea days. The competition attracted large crowds as they cheered on their favourite teams and was one of the highlights of the carnival.

The occasion was graced by Mehlum bhaisaheb Hakimuddin who was impressed by the level of planning and the participating crowd. A total of around 2000 Bohras and friends attended the carnival.