Front page artist's impression of the new Bhendi Bazaar and above, the present day look

11 January 2018,

Being Mumbai’s biggest redevelopment project, South Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar is much talked about. There were fears that the charm of the buildings, that give a feeling of the old Mumbai, will be gone once the new buildings come up. This fear can take a back seat for now, as the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust has decided that it will retain the old look. The buildings that are going to come up in Bhendi Bazaar post redevelopment will showcase Fatemi architecture with domes, arches, and carved lattice work.

According to an official from SBUT, Fatemi architecture originates from Cairo in Egypt and has been transposed to India.

“The state-of-the-art buildings in Bhendi Bazaar will have a marvellous blend of Fatemi architecture styling with modern and functional design features. We believe the use of arches, jaallis and lattice work in buildings will give a distinct identity to the neighbourhood,” said a spokesperson for the trust.

Currently, the buildings in Bhendi Bazaar have shops on the lower floors while the upper floors are used as residential units. In the new Bhendi Bazaar, lower floors of most towers will continue to host businesses but residents won’t be disturbed. Each tower will have dedicated entrances and elevators only for residents. The Bhendi Bazaar cluster is spread over 16.5 acres and has been sub-divided into nine clusters. Bhendi Bazaar was developed in chawl fashion.