The house prior to refurbishment
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29th December, 2017

In December of 2016 Bohras from Leicester in England travelled to Gujarat in India to participate in last year’s upliftment endeavour.

They found homes in conditions the like of which are hard to believe unless seen. Years of under-privilege had hardened into a culture of poverty and deprivation. Crumbling structure, hoarded rubbish, infestation, inadequate sanitation and ventilation were just some of the problems they came upon.

16 members from Leicester jamaat in the UK went to Kalawad in Jamnagar attending to 16 houses in total.

They had raised £25,000 of funding and once there, to start off with, they organised a sports event in the grounds of the mazaar.

They then set out visiting houses of the under-privileged, helping them clean and make renovations and providing them with basic needs. From those they visited they took up one complete renovation project to turn a one-room dwelling into a 2-storey house for its family of four.

The group spent around a week in Kalawad before they had to return home. At the end of their stint they were graciously received by Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS in Vasai who took a keen interest in the works being done.

That all took place a year ago and from then to now a year’s journey finally comes to a close with the project reaching its last stage. This family of four were living in this tiny space and in terrible conditions. They have now had their house rebuilt with an extra floor of living space. Life has been decluttered and horizons and dwelling both expanded.

It is but one of hundreds of similar uplifting Upliftment stories.