Syedna Saifuddin in the USA

Syedna Saifuddin in the USA

...if I may say so, you are a splendid example of the way I believe different cultures can learn to understand one another much better.
HRH Prince Charles of Great Britain, 19th March, 1996

Today's Dawoodi Bohras mostly originate from the North West Indian state of Gujarat. Their name, 'Bohra' comes from the Gujarati word 'vohra' which means trader; for the community essentially was then and remains to this day a business community although a substantial number are now professionals in various fields.

The vast majority of Bohras are of Indian and Pakistani descent but there is also a significant number of Bohras of Yemeni origin who continue to reside there. Their origins predate the time the community came to be known as Dawoodi Bohras; when the first 24 da`is were centred in The Yemen.

The second highest number of Bohras reside in Pakistan. At the time of the Partition of India the 51st Da`i Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA instructed Bohras to remain on whichever side of the border they were living in. As a result the vast majority of Bohras living in India continued to do so.

In common with many people from the sub-continent Dawoodi Bohras have migrated far and wide and have spread across the world to further their education and in search of better prospects. Consequently large jamaats (congregations) have grown, particularly in East Africa, Europe, North America and the Gulf states.

Bohras remain a trading and business community renowned for their honesty and trustworthiness. In olden times, in the days of the nawaabs, Bohras would be invited to take up residence in the towns under their rule. The rulers were of the view that prosperity would follow due to their industrious nature and entrepreneurial spirit. Their sound business ethics were well known then and continue to be the hallmarks of Bohra traders today. They inspire such confidence in the general populace that many prefer doing business with them; knowing that they will not be short changed in their dealings.

Bohras have always been loyal and law-abiding citizens wherever they live. They have maintained cordial relations with all manner of governments with an aim of fostering harmony and goodwill. From Mughal emperors to the the British Raj as well as with modern day political parties the da`is have looked for common ground on which to lay the foundations for mutual understanding that can lead to a betterment for all.

The Bohras' unique blend of religiosity and modernity along with the way Bohras contribute positively towards the development and prosperity of the places they live in gives them a special place wherever they may be. They are respected as hard-working, peace loving, helpful and loyal citizens contributing fully towards the prosperity of the countries they reside in.


Pakistan clinch SBT10 Continental Cup

Pakistan triumphs in 18 team international cricket tournament visited by game’s superstars

Bohras and Christians hold Interfaith Celebration in Manchester

Dawoodi Bohras hold interfaith Mawlid al-Nabi and Christmas celebration at Noor Masjid in Manchester, England.

France honours Indian soldiers from World Wars

Rekindling of the flame of the Unknown Soldier honours Indian soldiers lost in both World Wars

SPORTS: Mysuru lad to be trained at US tennis academy

10 year old Mustafa Raja selected by Florida tennis academy for a one month training course

Uganda Deputy PM visits Kampala masjid site

The Deputy PM and other guests visited the construction site of the masjid and met with the growing community.

Astros World Series Winners Bring Joy to Houston among the tempests

In the aftermath of the Hurricane Houston Astros brought something to smile about to the Texan city

10 year old Raja aces his second under 12 tournament

South Indian tennis youngster wins 14th AITA title in Bengaluru

In Billerica, a search for common faith

Boston jamaat hosts 'Faiths of Our Community' event in North Billerica masjid

Mumbai Mirror details building collapse tragedy

23-day-old baby and seven others of Lightwala family died in building collapse; Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, leader of Bohra community, attends funeral prayers.

Photos, Harvey Relief Update: Over 6000 meals delivered to shelters from Faizul Mawaid al-Burhaniyah Kitchen

Houston FMB delivers over 6000 meals to shelters for flood evacuees

Syedna received in Paris for first visit since becoming al-Da'i al-Mutlaq

After just over a week in England, Syedna arrived in Paris by Eurostar on Tuesday 8 August for his first visit since becoming the head of the community

Mustafa Raja serves up 13th Under-10 AITA Tennis title in style

Mysore Star's 'Star of the week' - Mustafa Raja - is now competing with and defeating players 3-4 years senior to him.

Mumbai's Dawoodi Bohras welcome Iraqi Foreign Minister during India visit

Iraq Foreign Minister visits Raudat Tahera, Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment and Saifee Hospital during day-long interaction with Mumbai's Bohra community

London vigil - When even the skies shed tears

CNN speaks to Abduttayeb Hassanali at the London vigil where grey skies gave way to rain as Londoners remembered Saturday's attack.

Crossing the finish line with the Sri Lankan flag, Hassan Esufally completes the Ironman event

Courtesy of Daily Mirror

Sadly - another vigil; London remembers attack victims

Bohras from London joined thousands to pray for the lost, the recovering and the heroes. The Daily Mail reports

Photos: Communities come together in vigil for Manchester victims

Members of the Manchester jamaat joined in mourning for the victims of Monday's senseless attack.

Iron Man Ammar speaks of his grueling triumph

Nasik's first ever 'Iron Man' Ammar Miyaji talks about about his achievement.

akber teas chairman receives top Sri Lankan award

Chairman of Akber Brothers Tea is given Deshmanya Award by Sri Lanka's president

Avengers outgun Falcons to retain SMB Cricket Trophy

Perhaps its just not a good year if your team name includes 'Falcons'. After the Atlanta Falcons went down in this year's Super Bowl final - it was the turn of the Fakhri Falcons who went down to AMB Avengers in the Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin cricket final.

Sindh Governor praises Bohras as 'most peaceful community'

Sindh governor praised the community as peaceful and economically productive in a meeting with a Bohra delegation Wednesday.

Surat Jamea Archery team win silver in Nationals

Surat Jamea Archery team win silver in Nationals

Jamea archers strike silvers for Gujarat in national competition

Raja reigns again

Raja reigns again

Sports: Young tennis star wins 6th Indian national title

Raja serves notice to be king of the courts

Raja serves notice to be king of the courts

South Indian Bohra youngster wins 5th junior national tennis title to end dazzling year

London doctormade 'Freeman of the City' for charity activities

London doctor awarded 'Freeman of the City' for charity work

Dr Mariyah Esmailji was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in recognition of her work for charity

Girls in command through Mumbai's traffic

Bike lovers make Sunday morning cross Mumbai trek

Marol Cycling Club takes 105 members on cross Mumbai cycling trip to Raudat Tahera

Bohras in the sports pages

Bohras in the sports pages

From a 9 year old aiming for Wimbledon to a Ranji Trophy centurion, an Iron Man contender and 2 amateur marathon runners; Bohras have been in the spotlight for sports in recent weeks.

Dargah-e-Hakimi wins state tourism award

Dargah-e-Hakimi wins state tourism award

Burhanpur dargah given 'Most Tourist Friendly Pilgrimage Centre' award.


Murtaza Tajbhoy, the first Sri Lankan to win IAA Champion Award

Murtaza Tajbhoy, Chief Strategy Officer of Leo Burnett Sri Lanka was awarded the IAA Champion award. He is the first Sri Lankan to win this prestigious accolade.

Nagpur artist's Shadow Sculpture brings back traditional memories

Maria Shakir is an artist in Nagpur. She was recently featured in The Bangalore Mirror for her work, 'Riwayet - A Shadow Sculpture'

Karachi - By Aziz Poonawala

Aziz Poonawala documents his travels to Karachi, for the Moharram 1439H congregation.

Chennai take the spoils in International Volleyball Final

Chennai see off Bengaluru's South Indian derby challenge in Burhani Sports International Volleyball Tourney

Swedish student joins UN global goals awareness program

Maria Gulamhusein sets out her aims as a young ambassador of the UN Association of Sweden.

Croydon businessman awarded Freedom of London City

Businessman from South London awarded Freedom of the City of London for charity and community work.

‘The World’s Most Dangerous Room’ - The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site

Time magazine described ground zero at the Fukushima Nuclear disaster as the ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Room’. Arfakshad Munaim was part of a scientific team that worked there in the aftermath. He tells us something about his project to rehabilitate the area.

Spoiled for choice, within 200-year-old Bohri Aali

The Times of India takes a stroll through Pune's 200 year old Bohri Aali mercantile hub

A paper flag as a gift to Syedna unfolds into a flourishing business

Fatema Qureish has enjoyed art since childhood but never imagined that one day she would be the leading paper artist in Kenya.

Twitter: US Ambassador to Kenya hosts iftaar dinner

Bohras were amongst the US Ambassador, Bob Godec's guests for an iftaar dinner in Nairobi

Tasneem Bhindarwala Follow-up Q&A - From Michigan to Madagascar

Following up from the article on her semester of research and discovery in Madagascar, Ann Arbor graduate Tasneem Bhindarwala kindly answered's questions on the whole experience.

From Michigan to Madagascar - Tasneem Bhindarwala's Bachelor of Arts degree from Ann Arbor, Michigan, took in a Madagascan adventure.

Tasneem Bhindarwala's Bachelor of Arts degree from Ann Arbor, Michigan, took in a Madagascan adventure.

Colombo Sez holds milad carnival

it was fun and games all around as Bohras and non-Bohras alike came together at the annual milad carnival in Colombo late March.

Al-Nadi al-Burhani lift inaugural International Saifee Burhani T10 Cricket cup

The first ever international edition of the SBT10 cricket tournament was won by Al-Nadi al-Burhani who triumphed over hosts Mumbai in the final.

Bohras in San Francisco Usher in Spring with gathering of Friendship and Commitment to Service

Fremont Bohras in San Francisco, California, hosted a Spring-welcoming gathering with local community leaders where the city mayor presented them with a certificate for their role in enhancing cultural diversity and the economy.

Colombo City Circle members take an eye-opening tour of the city's Bohra masjid

Members of Colombo's CCC were given a guided tour of the city's main Bohra masjid and came away with many misconceptions shed.

Scoop! Bhendi Bazaar's best kept secret is an old ice-cream shop

Scoop! Bhendi Bazaar's best kept secret is an old ice-cream shop

When Valiji, a Bohra entrepreneur, set up Taj Ice Cream around 1887, ice was still a luxury item and electricity had arrived in the city only five years earlier.

'Miracle' baby was a joy and disappointment

'Miracle' baby was a joy and disappointment

As a child, Mrs Rosy Nakhooda was told by her mother that she had "to stand on your own feet; you don't have a choice. You have to have an education.

Bohra community urged to adhere to Islamic principles

Bohra community urged to adhere to Islamic principles

KUWAIT: A condolence session was held yesterday morning in the Burhani Center for Bohras Islamic Community in Kuwait.

Bohras of Bhabra - the small town community for whom a PM stopped

For any town to have their country's Prime Minister visit is something of a momentous occasion but for the small town of Bhabra in Madhya Pradesh

London Bohras Receive Mr Sadiq Khan MP

London Bohras Receive Mr Sadiq Khan MP

During his visit to London in March 2015 Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin gave an audience to

Reaching for the Skies

Reaching for the Skies

Reaching for the Skies, Feet Firmly on the

Chelmsford synagogue, Billerica mosque host event

Chelmsford synagogue, Billerica mosque host event

It was an afternoon to gather and share -

Burhani Leisure Park – Karachi, Pakistan

Burhani Leisure Park – Karachi, Pakistan

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS inaugurated the Dawoodi Bohra worlds first dedicated

Leicester City Football Club's

Leicester City Football Champion's Parade

Leicester City Football Club's remarkable triumph in this year's English Premier League football championship