Alameda Creek Cleanup in San Francisco

Community members in San Francisco lend a hand to the Alameda Creek Alliance in a sustained effort to cleanup the area.

‘The Journeys to Entrepreneurship’ An ...

Dawoodi Bohra women in San Francisco organised an innovative business workshop series called 'The Journeys To Entrepreneurship' to help women succeed in business.

Consul General Dr Anupam Ray Visits Bohra Masjid i...

Consul General Dr Anupam Ray visited the Bohra Masjid in Houston with his family to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks.

In Solidarity and In Love

Community members participate in a vigil in Auckland to offer prayers for those who lost their lives during the horrific terrorist attacks in Christchurch.

Art in MIND Event Hosted by Ladies of London

Ladies of London organised an art exhibition to support the mental health charity MIND in empowering individuals with mental illness.

News of His Holiness